Rehearsal® Pro is an app for actors that makes acting routine organized pushing your acting career forward. The app has more than 80,000 users already, and over 2 million rehearsals.

Be off-book, book more work!

Rehearsal®Pro was created by the working Hollywood actor and became the entertainment industry standard for cast and crew to organize their scripts for the auditions and work on a set.

The app was tested in Hollywood and around the world by professional actors and acting students. This app is intended for actors from all segments of society and areas of accomplishment.



Quick and convenient work with text files in PDF format.

Ability to create editable notes and video comments.

Clear and convenient work with audio recordings of own replicas.

Ability to create different versions of documents and synchronize them through the cloud.

Introduction of a more modern design.

Making appropriate corrections after testing the convenience in a focus group.


Using the Objective-C with a modular transition to Swift.

Creation our own functions and libraries for working with PDF-files, allowing you to make various selections, notes and multimedia comments.

Adapting the design for different models of iPhones and iPad.

Full data synchronization in files with all notes and comments.

Development a wide range of the audio recordings functionalities required for users.

Support the bluetooth technology for various devices.



  • 1 iOS developer
  • 1 Back-End Developer
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Project manager
  • 1 QA


The active phase of development lasted more than 1 year. Our product supporting continue for 14 months.


Our team create a new build every 5-6 weeks

over 3 500 working hours for great result


Working with the RoveTek team has been just fantastic. They are responsive to my needs and more importantly, when I hear from them about an issue I hadn’t considered. They have already designed a solution, it makes me feel like they are really taking care of me and my users.

David H. Lawrence XVII, Hollywood actor

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