At RoveTek, we strive to build a diverse, talented, and devoted team of experts who are willing to change this world through digitalization and innovation. Our leadership team communicates directly with our clients and employees to make sure we bring excellent results. From the first day of our partnership, our leadership team will be involved in discussions on strategic topics.

Dmitry Shvager


Dmitry Shvager encompasses over ten years of experience in the technology domain and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. At the beginning of Dmitry’s career, he focused on mobile app development but still had web development experience. After successfully working for various technology companies and freelance projects, Dmitry founded RoveTek in 2018. The major domains Dmitry has worked with are healthcare/wellness and fintech.

Maryna Saienko


Maryna has been working as a content manager and writer for different technology companies for more than ten years. Have MSc in International Marketing (Ukraine) and an MSc in Tourism and Events Management (United Kingdom). Maryna is a serial traveller and has been working for various global companies in the US (Delaware) and UK (London). In recent years, she is working as a growth hacker and marketing executive, focusing on the technology sector. Maryna also runs her own travel/art blog and online shop