Who We Are

RoveTek is a web and mobile development company working for US and global markets. Our diverse team gathers talented developers, designers, marketing, and project managers who are highly qualified experts in the technology market.

Our team deliver search service on-time, and on-budget, making sure all customers’ needs have been met. Our clientele has included a wide range of companies from startups to large companies in diverse domains. We are client-orientated, and doing our best to make the process of collaboration with us positive and tasteful for our partners.


What We Do

Our main competitive advantage is targeted specialization, focusing on retail, healthcare, fitness areas, but also other related domains like delivery, appointments, etc. Such approach helps us to improve necessary skills and go into depth with the specific area and deliver the best product for a specific industry. Our team builds apps for Android and iOS, making apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. We are involved in the full cycle of the product development, from the scratch to launch.

Executive Team


Dan Ishaki


Dan Ishaki is a web developer since 1997. Dan was involved with a Government Security. From 2014 Dan develops and deals with iCloud Security. The recent development experience is related to a revolutionary project related to legalized cannabis products for medical purposes - App/Site for Greenery Map.

In the 1980’s, Ishaki moved with his family to the US, where he was a 50% equity partner of Sergio Valente, a company that produced and marketed an apparel brand (underwear, swimwear, socks) for both men and women. Sales from Sergio Valente went on the reach $282 M as the brand became popular in the US and worldwide. By 1983, he sold his share of the company and returned to Israel. From this period, Ishaki continued to be involved in a real estate and construction firm in Florida. He also started building commercial and residential properties from 1985 to 1997. One of his notable achievements was the establishment of the “Down Town Center” mall, which was valued to be $67 million in 1991, but only cost $16 million to build.

From there, Ishaki then returned to the US where he was the founder of Psychologist Network (“PN”), a technology company that boasted more than 500 Ph.D. psychologists and an Advisory Board. This board was comprised of two past presidents of the American Psychological Association (Dorothy Cantor and Ronald Cantor) and Prof. A. Eugene Shapiro, governor of the APA. In this venture, he was integral in all of the company’s technological development, having received a patent in 1999, but unfortunately the Dot Com Crash of the early 2000’s forced Ishaki to return to real estate development in Miami, Florida.

While in Miami, he started another company that focused on Cloud Security in New York City; it grew to be one of the leading installers of security systems. From 2009 to 2016, he also served the VAWD Applied Science & Technology Corporation, where he was involved in the development of their See through the Wall Radar STORMS (Sense Through Obstruction Remote Monitoring System). This specific project won the technological title of the year in the military engineering exhibition held in Phoenix, Arizona.

In all, Dan has experience building successful technology companies both in the military and in his civilian life. He also knows how to choose the right people and teams that will provide the right knowledge to the Company.


Carlos Mejia


Carlos is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He's left his mark in multiple companies, some of them are Fortune 500 companies where he's lead teams of 30+ people that built their websites, internal and mobile applications, e-commerce sites, etc.. Coincidentally, he started his career in Miami but only met Dan once he moved to Las Vegas in 2017 when he was offered a job at a major casino as a Sr. Software Engineer.

As the lead technical guru at RoveTek his mission is to ensure the prompt delivery and perfect functionality of all our products; he also formulates strategy and the technical vision for the entire company. Carlos is a very hands-on person so at times you will find him not just meeting with our clients but also rolling up his sleeves and doing some of the coding himself. He feels that the success of RoveTek's clients is his own success.