At RoveTek, we strive to build a diverse, talented, and devoted team of experts who are willing to change this world through digitalization and innovation. Our leadership team communicates directly with our clients and employees to make sure we bring excellent results. From the first day of our partnership, our leadership team will be involved in discussions on strategic topics.

RoveTek was founded in 2018 by partners and now friends Dan Ishaki (US) and Dmitry Shvager (Ukraine), who got acquainted during the process of building a revolutionary eHealth/mHealth project for Dan – App/Site for (case study is here).

RoveTek’s team and its CEO Dmitriy have delivered excellent results in various Greenery Map angles, developing the web & mobile versions, UX/UI design, and content for the blog. Long-term cooperation resulted in a solid partnership and the idea of partnering and building a joint company RoveTek. Dan has been working for the US market in the technology, healthcare and finance sectors for more than twenty years and knows this region’s needs in-depth. Dmitry is an IT outsourcing guru who has been working for US and European markets, delivering top talents from the world-recognised IT hub – Ukraine.