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How to design fintech apps? We created a guide with examples!

design fintech app


Fintech apps or any finance app have a specific design. For example, have you noticed that many of them have dark blue, black colors or green)? Designing the fintech app differs from doing so with other apps. There is not so much flexibility and freedom in the representation of the fintech apps, and wrong design can lead to mistrust of users (and this is the last thing you want in the finance sector. 


We created a UI design guide for fintech apps showing you some great examples to spy.


Pain points in FinTech app development

FinTech app design

What is the main message of fintech or finance apps? To induce users’ trust, to rely on money transfers, and ensure the financial data in such apps is secure. Its design should reflect the ‘vibe’ of stability and trust, should look serious and formal enough but at the same time joyful in use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Banks and financial web/mobile applications usually choose a more formal design for their web or mobile applications. In recent years, something has changed, and these apps became more fun to use. Yes, fun is the right word.                                                                                             

Especially in recent times, banks are trying to be fun and open for younger users. For example, I adore Arts and, believe me, I will choose a bank that will bring me an artsy vibe, or a bank card with my favourite painting. For example, my digital bank app has cats who give me bonuses for using this app.


So, the main pain points of designing Fintech apps are:                                                                        

– Security. Finance apps should be secure first, as users give access to their financial data and conduct transactions. The challenge is in designing a functional and easy way to make money transactions with no errors and inconveniences. 

– Induce the trust of the users. You can induce trust by showing excellent customer service, transparent and secure payment, etc. 

– Functionality. No need to say that users shouldn’t think more than few seconds where to find expenses for the last week or how to ask a question to a customer agent.

– Competition. There are so many digital-only banks that offer perfectly designed bank apps.

But how to stand out? We have delivered mobile app development and design solutions and want to share some basic rules for designing a fintech app. 


Let’s talk about colors

FinTech app design

Green, dark blue, and black. These colors are overused, especially in banking, but still they are classics for finance products design. While in other industries, you can play with the colors, fintech requires more stable and classic colors, as when we use finance apps, we are less likely to think about extreme things. 

The psychology of color suggests that different colors can trigger psychological reactions. For example, color is often thought to influence mood and emotions. Sometimes these reactions are related to the intensity of the color, and in other cases, they are the product of experience and cultural influences.




Since many people prefer blue, it is often viewed as a harmless color that can appear conservative and traditional. Blue evokes feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, calm, safe and orderly.




“Green, which is Nature’s colour, is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving.” —Paul Brunton


This is a cold color that symbolizes nature and the natural world. Perhaps because of its strong associations with nature, green is often considered a symbol of calmness, luck, health, and jealousy.


The researchers also found that green can improve reading ability. Some students may find that placing a clear sheet of green paper over the reading material increases reading speed and comprehension.

Lloyds Bank, UK
Lloyds Bank, UK



This color is used only for the call to action in the fintech apps, or any similar color. Red is the brightest color in the palette and quickly catches the users’ eye, which is the main goal for the call to action. 


Black & White


This is a traditional color palette, and not necessarily connected to psychology. Fintech apps often use a white background and black fonts in their designs. 

Keep it simple and functional


While designing the finance app, focus on the customer journey. If it is a banking app, users need to easily copy the bank number, send money in few clicks, and see all transactions in one place. 

Minimalism is the main design trend in finance apps. Users must see the main information that can be presented through diagrams, icons, etc. 

Some apps use gamification even in finance apps, to make the process interacting and fun in use. Not only the finance sector but other web or mobile applications use such a user-interaction approach. Most luxury brands implement AR technologies to increase customer engagement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

FinTech app design

Ensure users your app is secure


There are many design approaches to make users trust the app. As we mentioned above, use the right colors and a neat, functional design. Also, as users leave their financial data, explain why your app collects this data. Ensure your users the data collected is saved. 

Security lies on the back-end, but design and visualization are how your app communicates with your users. 


Another way to prove your app is secure is excellent customer support. Ensure your app has a live chat button or any other support call to action that should be visible.


Biometric authentication 


This is a prevalent new ‘killer feature’ in biometric identification. This feature is widely used in digital banks apps or other finance apps for security reasons. Some companies even replace password-based security solutions with fingerprint input. We advise using different security approaches, as fingerprint input sometimes isn’t convenient for users (for example, cold weather or dry hands).


Add ‘killer features’ to stand out


By ‘killer features’ in design, we mean something in your design that stands out or adds some brand recognition. For example, the gamification approach. You can use it for increasing customer’s interaction and making the process of using your app fun. It can be puzzles, quizzes, different animations, and so on. Use animations or 3D animations to make your design shine bright.

FinTech app design

How RoveTek can help you to design FinTech app?


Our team is focused on FinTech and aware of design tricks for the finance sector. We can implement both back-end and front-end for your FinTech app, providing security at each point of the design.